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Note: Two of our most used resources, The SALT Primer and Beyond ABC, are available as a downloadable pdf. You can also obtain a  full-color printed text for a suggested donation of $10 per textbook to SALT (ask your Coordinator for details). 

PDF Downloads:


SALT Primer

Beyond ABC

If you want to use a textbook with your student, check with your Coordinator to see what texts and resources might be available for free or at a reduced rate.

For Purchase - Textbooks -

LifePrints (and other materials)

by New Readers Press 

A well-respected and widely- used source for adult literacy materials – from the basics of literacy such as LifePrints, to citizenship, work literacy, and GED Preparation. New Reader's Press is one of the best publishers for adults learning to read for the first time.

Sam and Pat.PNG

Sam and Pat: Beginning Reading and Writing

by Jo Anne Hartel, Betsy Lowry & Whit Hendon

2006 Thompson Heinle

A phonics-based reading series for low beginning readers. Stories are based on the characters Sam and Pat and the real-life challenges they face.(Amazon)

For Purchase - Textbooks - Longman Press

Pearson Press

A large publisher that meets the needs of many ESL teachers. This publisher contains a full repertoire of resources,  including their famous English Learners Dictionaries.

ESL Phonics for all ages.PNG

ESL Phonics for All Ages 

by Elizabeth Claire

2007-2009 Eardley Publications


Many phonics resources, including this six-book reading series designed specifically for English language learners who do not yet read.

abc English.PNG

abc English

by Jennifer Christenson

2014 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


abc English is a curriculum for adult English learners that teaches basic English communication and reading skills, starting from the abc sounds. abc English was created especially for adult refugees and immigrants who are not literate in their native languages.”


Visit their website to order inexpensive students’ books, alongside teacher activity books and supplemental readers. 

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