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Beyond ABC 

The SALT Beyond ABC text continues in the strong tradition of the SALT Primer.  Written by long-time tutor and teacher Julie Thompson, this text tackles the blends and digraphs of the English language (like 'ch,' 'sp,' 'bl,' and 'tw').

If you would like a color print copy of the Beyond ABC text, it is available for a suggested $10 donation.  Simply contact your SALT Coordinator or the SALT office for more details.  

Be sure to read the "Note to Teachers and Tutors" and the 2-page "Teaching Suggestions" at the beginning of the text.  They provide the road map for the lessons.

Each lesson includes a Scripture verse with the target sound. The verse is presented in both English and Somali. Additionally, there is a conversation starter question for each verse. These may be found in the Scripture Reference section.


For best usability, we have broken down Beyond ABC into seven pdf sections for download:

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