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ESL Tutor Websites

Literacy MN.PNG

Literacy Minnesota

One of the best resources for information on adult education in Minnesota and beyond. Includes online tutor training and curriculum. 


Note: they also have a brick and mortar location in St. Paul that hosts regular training as well as a curriculum library.

ESL websites - Cambrige.jpg

Cambridge English

One of the most respected publishers of ESL materials, including the Ventures series. Create a free a teacher account and access a wealth of resources and professional development opportunities.


Click here and create or sign into your account to access extra worksheets, collaborative activities, flashcards, and assessments to go with each Ventures lesson.

ESL websites - Oxford Teachers.jpg.png

Oxford Teachers Club

Another respected ESL publisher, known for the Oxford Picture Dictionary and Oxford Bookworms leveled reading series. Help discern your student’s reading level here with the Oxford Bookworms online test and order a corresponding leveled reader and various other resources.

ESL websites - VOA Learning.jpg

VOA Learning English

Three multimedia English courses—Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Each lesson is introduced with a video and includes instruction in speaking, vocabulary, and writing.

ESL websites - Breaking News.jpg

Breaking News English

On this site, the same news story can be read at three different English levels. Follow-up activities are provided with each story.

ESL websites - GCF Global.jpg

GCF Global Reading Activities

An initiative of Goodwill Community Foundation, this website contains various literacy activities to improve letter, word, and sound recognition.

Reading Skills for Today's Adults.PNG

Reading Skills for Today's Adults

Free online leveled reading passages. Each passage contains pre-reading questions, vocabulary, and comprehension questions. This initiative is based on research-proven strategies to improve your student’s fluency and comprehension.

ESL websites - T411.jpg

T411 Understanding What You Read

A series of videos designed to help adult learners read various types of mediums, from medicine labels to newspaper headlines to poetry. Lessons also focus on essential reading skills such as summarizing and using context clues.

Randall's ESL CyberListening Lab.PNG

Randall's ESL Listening Lab

Dialogues at various English levels on day-to-day topics. Audio is combined with comprehension exercises, vocabulary practice, and suggested follow-up activities.

ESL websites - The Internet TESL.jpg

The Internet TESL Journal

A list of discussion questions covering many day-to-day topics. Useful for English conversation practice.

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Online Teaching Community - Lincs Professional Development

Create an account and access online courses on helpful topics related to adult literacy. Participate in forums with other educators and browse online resources.

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