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Next Door Neighbors produced by Nashville Public Television

While many of Nashville’s 5,000 Somalis were resettled directly there, others migrated from cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, San Diego and Columbus. Life in Nashville is about work, sending money back home, and trying to balance Somali traditions and cultures while adjusting to life in the U.S.

2009 - 30 min

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The Rageh Omaar Report produced by Al Jazeera English

Recommended with RESERVATIONS due to concerns about reliability of information, some clearly incorrect information, and some graphic imagery. A professional journalistic feel.  


This Al Jazeera report explores the complicated relationship between the U.S. and Somalia in the context of a group of American Somali young men who went back to Somali to fight in the civil war.

2010 - 45 min

films - women ware and resettlement.jpg

Women, War and Resettlement: Nasro’s Journey produced  WOSU Public Media

“The story of one Somali woman's journey from her war-torn homeland to a new home in Columbus, Ohio. Nasro could not speak English, had no family for support, and had no job when she arrived in the states. This program shows the challenges Nasro and other refugees face.”

2011 - 27 min

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Somalia – Opportunity For Hope by WeAreTheDeckers

This 6-minute video (warning – contains graphic images) paints the picture of Somali  at its most tenuous in 2005, and asks the question if God, and we, have simply forgotten this African nation and its people.

2005 - 6 min

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I Against My Brother


A 15-minute film about a Somali woman coming to faith in Christ. Recreated from actual events, this compelling drama protects her identity while sharing her story. The film is available in English, Somali, and Maay.

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2013 - 15 min

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