GED, Math, and Citizenship

Related Websites - GED Math - MN Dept of

GED - Minnesota Department of Education

Read about the GED requirements for the state of Minnesota as set by the Department of Education.

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GED - Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC)

An entire curriculum of lesson plans for the GED, designed to be used alongside various textbooks.

Look for the GED lesson plans at the bottom left corner of the page we've linked to.

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GED - GED Testing Service

Free GED class materials, including a practice test in each of the four test subjects. There are also additional online study courses and materials for purchase.

Related Websites - GED Math - Learning E

GED - Learning Express Library

Online tutorials and flashcards to help students prepare for the GED. This resource can be accessed through the Hennepin County Library (as well as other library systems) and is FREE for all library card holders. Ask at your local branch for more information.

Related Websites - GED Math - GED Study

GED - GED Study Guide - Steck-Vaughn

Steck-Vaughn has developed some of the most comprehensive sets of study guides for the GED. (Amazon)

Related Websites - GED Math - Common Cor

Math - Common Core Practice Worksheets

Free supplemental practice worksheets at various levels - sorted by grade-level and topic (such as angles, graphs, or fractions)

Related Websites - GED Math - Khan Acade

Math - Khan Academy

Short video lessons followed by practice activities on various topics. Khan is particularly useful for its basic math lessons.

Related Websites - GED Math - Multi-Cult

Math - Multi-Cultural Educational Services

Math worksheets available in many languages, including Somali. Browse this website for other culturally-sensitive adult literacy materials as well.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - US C

Citizenship - US Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCIS has dedicated an entire portion of their website to educators, including ready-made lesson plans and activities. You can also request a free Civics and Citizenship Toolkit, which includes flashcards to study for the Civics Test, here.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - MLC.

Citizenship - Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC)

Citizenship unit plans at beginner and intermediate English levels, designed to be used alongside various book resources, as listed in the lesson plans.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - Nati

Citizenship - National Archives: DocTeach

Maintained by the National Archives, this site contains thousands of images of primary source documents to be used by history and civics teachers. Many documents come with suggested teaching activities.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - Smit

Citizenship - Smithsonian Institute - 'Preparing for the Oath'

Smithsonian Institute provides video lessons featuring primary sources (maps, documents, photographs, etc.), paired with practice questions for the Civics Test.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - US C

Citizenship - US Citizenship Bootcamp

2017 ESL Publishing - 224 p.

This workbook fills an important gap by focusing specifically on preparation for the oral interview component of the citizenship process. Find a paperback copy on Amazon or an inexpensive ebook version here.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - USA

Citizenship - USA Learns

A free online citizenship course for students, designed specifically for English language learners.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - US C

Citizenship - US Citizenship Podcast

A wealth of resources, including a podcast featuring various civics and citizenship topics. This site contains many language and culture-specific resources. Click here and scroll down for Somali resources.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - VOA

Citizenship - VOA Learning English - American History Lessons

Reading passages about United States history and civics. Each passage contains an audio version and accompanying vocabulary words for practice.

Related Websites - GED Math - Cit - MN S

Citizenship - MN State Capital Tours

Are you looking for an activity to put 'feet' to the Citizenship Lessons?  Free guided tours of our state capital are given twice a day. A great opportunity to learn alongside your student about Minnesota government.

As you keep searching, you'll keep learning.  As you keeping learning, you'll keep growing.  Well done.

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