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Ministry to Muslim Women

For Purchase - Ministry to Muslim Women

Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women

by Geraldine Brooks

1995 Anchor Books (paperback) & Doubleday (Hardcover) / 2010 Penguin Books ed) 278 p.

An excellent analysis of women's situation in Islam, by a secular journalist. (betterworldbooks)

For Purchase - Ministry to Muslim Women

Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend

by Joy Loewen

2010 Chosen Books 208 p.

A well-balanced, practical book by a veteran missionary whose parents were themselves pioneer missionaries to the Somali people. An excellent introduction for Western Christians wanting to witness to their new Muslim neighbors. Relevant to men as well as women. (Amazon)

For Purchase - Biographies - I for my Si

I for My Sister: Equipping Christian Sisters to Engage with Women in Islamic Culture and Beyond

 by Sister Maryama

2017 Maryama Salaad Burger 198 p.

Having given her testimony  in From the Crescent to the Cross, Sister Maryama now presents an invitation and exhortation to women, equipping them to connect with Muslim women. (Amazon)

For Purchase - Ministry to Muslim Women

In the Land of Blue Burqas

by Kate McCord

2012 Moody Press 320 p.


Based on author’s experiences among women in Afghanistan. Excellent examples of witnessing by using Bible stories in context. Very balanced and well written. (Amazon)

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