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Somali Language Learning

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Join a Connet Class

SALT's language learning program builds relational connections as we learn Somali together through the Growing Participator Approach (more information below).  Each Connect group is comprised of 4-6 language learners and a Somali language guide. Contact the SALT office to join a 15-week class. Access our lesson plans here: Connect Phase 1A lessons, Connect Phase 1B Part 1 lessons, Connect Phase 1B Part 2 lessons, and Connect Phase 2 lessons.

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Growing Participator Approach (GPA)

Learn more about the GPA method, used by SALT, as well as many mission agencies, to learn new languages. This site will give you many resources for your language learning sessions. You will especially want to check out the Phase 1 Guide, which contains lesson plans for the first 100 hours (Phase 1) of language learning. SALT's Connect Curriculum is adapted from this guide.


SALT Primer

SALT's most widely-used textbook has lessons in both Somali and English, designed to be a group learning experience in both languages.  Contact the SALT office to obtain one. Suggested donation of $10.

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Speak Somali App(Apple)

Contains over 600 vocabulary words organized into 21 categories, all recorded by native Somali speakers. Some content is free and some must be purchased. Currently only available for Apple devices.

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BBC News - Somali Language

Somali is the smallest language group in the world supported by the BBC. This site allows Somali language learners the opportunity to expand their vocabulary while learning pertinent news.

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Af Soomaali Aan Ku Hadalno (Hadallo) by Abdullahi Abdinoor

Not a website, but a Somali language textbook designed to develop linguistic and communicative skills for Somali language learners. (Amazon - 2007)

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La Soco Af Somaliga: Student Book 1 - by Joy Carter and Doug Person

This workbook is designed to be utilized in a beginner Somali language course. It contains unit and lesson plans as well as worksheets for practice (PDF Version). This workbook has been regularly utilized by Doug Person a Somali language course he facilitates. Access a wealth of course resources here, including worksheets, sound files, links to helpful Youtube videos, etc.

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Somali Grammar Volume 1 and 2 by John Warner

This two-part grammar workbook contains both lessons and worksheets.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 1: 1988 Mennonite Board in Eastern Africa 128 p., revised 2003

Volume 2: Mennonite Board in Eastern Africa 120 p., revised 2004

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