Somali Music

Nolosha Cusub (New Life)

This Somali language Good News website has a tab for music – linked here.  There are multiple sets of Somali worship songs available for listening.  One of the most popular – Codadka Iftiinka (Voices of the Light) - can be purchased on CD. (See next entry below).

Codadka Iftiinka (Voices of Light)

This CD is a set of worship songs in the Somali language, written and sung by Somali Christians in Africa (many of whom were eventually martyred for their faith).  We have found that "persons of peace" greatly enjoy the songs.

Somali Masiixi (SMTV)

This YouTube channel contains a number of songs written by the Warsan Gospel Singers. Somali Maxiixi (SMTV) is a Somali Christian media ministry.

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