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Bible-Related Websites and Apps

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Word Project

Access God’s Word in Somali in both written and audio form; visit the website or download the app.

Note: Audio is missing for: Isaiah 21-66;  Jeremiah 11-52; and James. We will update here when we learn Word Project has made these improvements.

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The Jesus Film App

This digital library contains over 200 full-length films, mini-series, and short videos in over 1600 languages, including Somali.

muli-languate media.PNG

Multi-Language Media

One of the leading suppliers for North America of Scriptures and Christian literature in a wide variety of languages.

Bible related - E-sword.jpg

E-sword app

E-sword offers a free downloadable app of the Somali Bible (Modricker Somali Bible), with tools to partner it with other Bible translations.

Related Websites - Bible Related - Bible


Bible Gateway offers a host of online Bibles and Bible tools, including a Somali Bible translation.

Related Websites - Bible Related - Rock

Rock International

70 animated video stories in Somali (other languages available), giving the over-arching story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  The material has over 700 verses woven throughout, put together to convey the central message of the gospel.



YouVersion is a Bible app which offers a mobile version of Soomaali: Kitaabda Quduuska Ah: the Bible in Somali.

A Bible app that allows you to “read – listen – see.”   Offers the Somali Old Testament and New Testament.  Note: offers a 2007 edition that has the both OT and NT text and the NT audio. The 2008 NT edition offers audio only.

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