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Websites in Somali - Wanaagsan - The Goo

Akhbaarta Wanaagsan (The Good News)

Somali Christians in Europe have developed this site with filmed testimonies and sermons.

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Aniga iyo Walaalkay oo sii kala Coloownay (I Against My Brother)

A 15-minute film about a Somali woman coming to faith in Christ.

Home page of project.

English version of film on Youtube.

English version of film on Vimeo.

Websites in Somali - Nolosha Cusub - The

Nolosha Cusub (The New Life)

Extensive written, audio, and visual resources in Somali. Includes the entire Somali Bible as well as online Bible courses, hymns, and radio programs. For English language documentation of pages, contact site. 

On Facebook

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Somali Believers Fellowship website

Features high quality filmed sermons and blog messages by Abdi Duale.


YouTube Channel

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Sheekada Ciise Masiixis [The Story of Jesus - The Jesus Film Project]

The most widely shown film of all time – the telling of the life of Jesus through the reading of the book of Matthew.

Also available in English or af-Maay

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Magdalena Film Project

The story of Jesus told from the unique perspective of Mary Magdalene. A wonderful way to connect with your Somali female friend.

Also available in English or af-Maay

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