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Awaken24 is a network of prayer groups pursuing non-stop global prayer for Somalis. Would your prayer group be interested in signing up for one or more slots on this 24/7 grid?  We want to offer this as a gift to the Lord, and a gift to the Somali church.

Related Websites - Somalia Prayer Guide.

Somalia Prayer Guide

An excellent 30-topic resource that covers Somali issues: their land, their health, outreach, and more.  Good for use in groups or as an intensive one-month prayer focus for our Somali neighbors.

Related Websites - Prayer Year of Somali

Year of Prayer for Somalia

A 12-month, weekly prayer guide. Topics include religion, women, Christian witness, and the diaspora; each topic contains four prayers to cover the four weeks of each month. (2008)

Somalia open doors.PNG

Open Doors - Somalia Country Report

Open Doors works to equip persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries, and provides an overview of the persecution occurring within Somalia.  From this point, you can access stories, prayer helps, and data.

Related Websites - Brigada - Somali Pray

Brigada - Somalia Prayer Guide

This 12-page downloadable/viewable booklet provides a concise prayer guide.  Posted by Brigada, a Christian ‘clearinghouse’ of resources and websites for Christian outreach.

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