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For Purchase - Biographies - Keeping Hop

Keeping Hope Alive: One Woman - 90,000 Lives Changed 

by Hawa Abdi

2013 Grand Central Publishing 272 p.

An encouraging autobiography of a Somali doctor who turned her farm outside of Muqdisho into a camp for 90,000 internally displaced people. (Amazon)

For Purchase - Biographies - Nomad.jpg

Nomad: From Islam to America - A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations

by Ayann Hirsi

2010 Free Press 277 p. 

Additional insights, plus a remarkable challenge to the Christian church to engage with Muslim immigrants. (Amazon) 

For Purchase - Biographies - From the Cr

From the Crescent to the Cross: My Extraordinary Journey to the Heart of God

by Sister Maryama

2015 Maryama Salaad Burger 192 p.

Born and raised in Somalia, Sister Maryama made the extraordinary path from life as a shepherd in Somalia to the United States. She encountered  great adversity and eventually confronted the message of the cross.  As one reviewer mentioned, “I loved reading of God's loving and patient pursuit of her heart.” (Amazon)

Call Me American.PNG

Call Me American: A Memoir

by Abdi Nor Iftin

2018 Alfred A. Knopf 310 p.

The captivating memoir of a Somali “visa lottery” winner’s journey from war-torn Somalia to Kenya to the United States. Gives insight into the minority Maay-speaking Somali culture. Iftin’s story was first featured in This American Life episode 560: “Abdi and the Golden Ticket” - a fascinating listen! (Amazon)

Note: Iftin’s book has generated controversy due to his portrayal of certain members of the Somali community within the United States. Read with discernment, knowing this is just one Somali’s perspective.

Discretion: Graphic and unedited language used to describe war events.

For Purchase - Biographies - Infidel.jpg


by Ayann Hirsi

2007 Free Press 353 p. 

Very clear description and analysis of political & religious dynamics among Somalis both on the Horn of Africa and in the Diaspora over the past 20 years; failure of her Christian friends to clearly witness was one of sad factors leading to her current atheism. (

For Purchase - Biographies - Teatime in

Teatime in Mogadishu: My Journey as a Peace Ambassador in the World of Islam

by Ahmed Haile

2011 Herald Press 144 p.

Autobiography of a key Somali Christian leader who passed to Glory on April 26, 2011. The testimony of a gifted Christian and a must-read for anyone interested in the development of the Somali church. (MLM-CLC)

For Purchase - Biographies - I for my Si

I for My Sister: Equipping Christian Sisters to Engage with Women in Islamic Culture and Beyond

by Sister Maryama

2017 Maryama Salaad Burger 198 p.

Having given her testimony  in From the Crescent to the Cross, Sister Maryama now presents an invitation and exhortation to women, equipping them to connect with Muslim women. (Amazon)

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