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Unsure of your student's English level? Check out our Arrive Ministries Language Assessment.

Comprehensive Pre-Beginner Resources 
(Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)

abc English.PNG

ABC English Books 1 and 2

2014 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Full preview and teacher activity guide available on website.

For Purchase - Textbooks - LifePrints.jpg

Life Prints Literacy Level

2001 New Reader's Press

Reading and Writing Specific Resources

Note: If your student chooses a reading and writing specific book, you can still work to develop listening and speaking by supplementing the lesson. Consider using a picture dictionary such as Oxford Picture Dictionary and using GPA methods to acquire new vocabulary. Reach out to Melissa for more information.


We especially recommend these books if your student is not literate in either Somali or English. Attend a SALT 101 class or contact Melissa for a primer training.

Literacy Plus.PNG

2003 Pearson Longman

These books less accessible without tutor training. Many copies available at the SALT office for a small donation. 

Journey to Success.PNG

Journey to Success Introductory Level

2019 New Reader's Press

ESL Phonics for all ages.PNG

ESL Phonics for all Ages 

2021 Elizabeth Claire's Easy English News

Many links to purchase leveled phonics resources on this website. 

Listening and Speaking Specific Resources 

SIL English langauge lessons_edited.jpg

SIL English English Language Lessons Phase 1

2021 SIL International

These lessons follow the Growing Participator Approach (GPA). GPA can be especially effective with preliterate learners because the early phases are completely oral and do not rely on any prior knowledge of reading and writing. The first 7 lessons focus exclusively on listening, gradually adding speaking activities in lesson 8.

Sharing Bible Stories at this Level: Use Picture Stories

noah's ark.PNG

Use wordless picture stories and discuss the story together picture-by-picture. Many Bible picture stories can be downloaded for free at

Follow a method such as SIL English Lessons Phase 2A for ideas to use pictures effectively. Because your student’s speaking ability may be very limited at this point, be prepared to spend a long time on each picture building vocabulary.

SALT-compiled Bible picture lessons

Note about Abraham Sequencing and Easter Storyboard: Your student may not be able to read and order the sentences at this level. Focus on oral understanding of each picture and matching each picture with a key word or phrase.

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